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Cerneos welcomes opportunities for strategic partnering with other companies where we can advance each other’s interests on collaborative projects. We look for strategic partnering based on application, expertise, or geographic region.

How we find partners

We identify strategic partners based on client needs and how they fit into the product development scheme.   All partners are experienced industry professionals in their fields with a combination of global, scientific, corporate and research backgrounds.  Partners are vetted based on their experience, track record and client relations skills.  They are screened based on their technical and client relations skills.

How we work with partners

We work with our partners in integrated project teams. Cerneos works with your teams and collaborators to help you find the right solutions. Cerneos manages the activities of all of our partners and presents unified deliverables and project accountability.

How we select our partners

We select them based on their technical skills and experience and their ability to work with clients in their industry and application.  All of our partners have advanced degrees and at least 10 years of corporate and consulting experience.

What we expect from our partners

We expect our partners to adopt a professional attitude for our client’s success as a measure of our success.  We expect our partners to deliver services in a professional manner and provide options to meet our client’s needs.  All our partners use active listening, coaching and problem solving skills to determine the client’s needs and resources.  Our teams make informed decisions for actions based on client needs, regulatory and marketing requirements.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

We find the right jobs for our partners based on their interests, client and work preferences and find new markets for their skills in the global arena.  Our concept of global and collaborative marketing helps our partners concentrate on their professional goals and helps them stretch their expertise into new areas of practice.  As a collaborative team we all learn from each other and support our mutual professional and marketing development.  We help each other grow professionally and create new opportunities for each other. For more information about our Partners Program, please email us [email protected].